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  • Pool Care Solutions is fully certified, licensed and insured to provide full maintenance and repair services for swimming pools, spas, fountains, waterfalls,  reflection pools and other water features.  We work in a variety of commercial venues including apartment complexes, condominium communities, mobile home parks, home owners associations, hotels, retail centers, commercial office buildings, golf courses and country clubs among others.

    We will develop a full custom maintenance program which will include a routine maintenance and a preventative maintenance schedule.  Your routine maintenance schedule is designed to maintain proper water chemistry, cleanliness and safety, while the preventative maintenance schedule is implemented to promote equipment longevity and avoid early deterioration and malfunctions due to neglect.

    Unless otherwise noted in your customized quote, all chemicals needed to properly maintain the water balance and disinfectant level are included in your quoted monthly service fee. This includes but is not limited to chlorine, muriatic acid and soda ash.

    Service Stops per week are covered in the routine maintenance schedule and include the following:

    • Maintain pool chemicals and water quality in accordance with Riverside County Health Care Agency standards, adding chemicals as needed.
    • Monitor automated chemical feeding systems and test water to confirm proper water balance and disinfectant levels
    • Vacuum and brush to remove all debris, clean pool and eliminate dirt, scum, scale, calcium, algae and other harmful deposits in both the swimming pool and the spa
    • Brushing of the waterline, seating areas, steps and walls
    • Emptying the pump, skimmer and leaf baskets
    • Inspect all equipment for leaks, clogs and other malfunctions
    • Inspect safety signs and safety equipment
    • Provide advice, insight and knowledge to upgrade, replace and/or repair pool equipment
    • Maintain equipment room and chemical room in clean condition and remove and dispose of all chemical related garbage off site
    • We will always end our service ensuring to properly close and lock doors/gates