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    July 28, 2016
  • Pool Care Solutions is a full service pool company specializing in pool service, pool repairs and pool renovations.  There’s several reasons that sets us apart from our competition.

    We carry $2,000,000.00 general liability insurance.  In addition, all of our employees are covered by worker’s compensation.  Any homeowner who allows pool service & repair companies to work on their properties should insist the company hired has these policies.  Can you imagine what might happen if a worker got injured cleaning your swimming pool?  Does your homeowner insurance policy cover it?  Wonder if the pool technician left the side gate open and God forbid a child got in and the fell into the pool?  Do yourself a favor and ask your pool cleaner/repairman to see their insurances.

    It’s expensive for a business owner to pay for these policies but it’s just one of the reasons that sets us apart.

    Our technicians are the most qualified and highest paid pool cleaners in Palm Springs.  We pay for all their equipment, train them extensively and then closely monitor their performance.

    Do you have pool pump problems?  How about a pool heater repair?  We are highly skilled in all phases of pool repairs in Palm Springs and can usually help you within hours!  Same day service.  Free estimates.  That’ what you get when you contact Pool Care Solutions!

    How do we do it?  We take great pride in earning our customers business and respect each & every day.  Our business has grown from a few customers to one of the largest pool service and repair providers in the greater Palm Springs area.  This growth has come from our satisfied customers and their referrals.

    If you need an estimate for pool service in Palm Springs or Rancho Mirage give us a call.  Don’t forget our pool repair team is on call 7 days a week!  If you own or manage a vacation rental property you can appreciate that.