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Aqua Blue Mini Pebble Pool

spa dam wall and spillway pool remodel Aqua Blue Mini Pebble Pool

This remodel includes striping the plaster to the gunite shell and also removing the waterline and spa raised bond beam ties.

old pool plaster removed and new tile installed Pool Care Solutions

The next step is to install new tile and grout.

application of mini pebble finish pool care solutions
Application Process of Mini Pebble Finish

There’s a few different types of pebble finishes.  In this case we used a mini-pebble which is a smaller pebble and subsequently smoother.  The pebble mixture consists of hundreds of thousands of river worn pebbles that are mixed with the colored cement.  There are 10-12 mixtures of pebbles and colored cement to choose from.  The product is applied to the gunite shell and then high pressure water is sprayed onto the cement to expose the pebbles.  The following day a very light and controlled acid wash is performed to remove any cements film left over leaving a beautiful pebble finish.

New white tile and Aqua Blue mini pebble finish pool care solutions
New White Tile and Aqua Blue Mini Pebble Finish

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