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Let Us Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean And Hygienic

A pool is a wonderful amenity making life at home more balanced and serene. But it also requires constant maintenance, knowledge, and patience. Balance and maintenance are the key principals at work here. Imbalances in chemicals, faulty equipment, and lack of regular cleanings, can shorten the life of your pool by 50 percent. Not taking care of your pool can result in costly damage to the pool finish. A lack of hygienic maintenance could cause your serenity to morph into a breeding ground for bacteria.  

Palm Springs Pool Service Pool Care Solutions

Don’t worry. We are pool cleaning experts.

At Pool Care Solutions we have the technical knowledge and patience to keep your pool a sparkling haven of peace and enjoyment year after year.

Pool Cleaning Service Pool Care Solutions Coachella Valley

Acid Wash  

An acid wash is used on plaster or pebble surfaces to remove stains. Typically these stains are the result of calcium build up from the high levels of calcium (hard water) in the desert.

Chlorine Wash

A chlorine wash is used to remove excessive algae on the pebble or plaster surface of your pool. A buildup of Algae can result in your pool looking murky and uninviting. Algae spores can burrow into the porous plaster and continue to bloom. A chlorine wash will kill them dead and also leave your pool looking fresh and spotless.

Give us a call and we can help you decide which treatment is best for your pool.

Green Pool Clean

Green is a wonderful color, but not for your swimming pool. If your pool water is green, a battle against algae must be waged, for algae has temporarily taken over. A lack of maintenance and a drop in chlorine level below 1 ppm can cause this swampy development, along with problems affecting your filters and unsteady levels of chlorine or pH. When this occurs, it is necessary to ‘shock’ the water chemically, treat the pool with algaecide and once chlorine has fallen below 5.0, scrub the sides and bottom of your pool and vacuum the dead algae. After the treatment, the water chlorine levels will be brought back to acceptable levels and checking all equipment is the last step.

If your pool has gone green, our team can return it to the sparkling blue it was meant to be.

Pool Tile Bead Blasting

Calcium on your tile is a fact of life in the desert.  Due to the harsh conditions in the desert (heat and wind) excessive evaporation causes a quick build up of calcium in the water.  This calcium cannot stay in solution and will deposit on the waterline tile.

Our precision machinery and innovative cleaning methods affords us the opportunity to make your tile “like-new” again.  When it comes to removing tough calcium deposits, mineral deposits, oily residue, mold, algae and scale the best technology and cleaning methods are a must. Pool Care Solutions has perfected calcium removal from ceramic pool tile, glass tile, pebble finished and stone. Don’t waste time with scrub brushes, abrasive pumice stones or dangerous chemicals.

Pool Care Solutions At Work

Get Your Pool Tiles Professionally Cleaned 


These guys are the absolute best. again. our gardener “forgot” to come for 4 months. Even though it was inconvenient, they moved our time slot until the VERY end of the day so they could come AFTER the gardener. The pool looked like…a cess pool. I mean, if they hadn’t been so accommodating, I wouldn’t have even been able to use it all weekend. The guy who always comes to our house was totally happy and not at all put-out to clean MOUNDS of ficus out of the pool. I’m sure this made him work late. He was kind and smiling and just got it done. I love these guys!!

Sally J. Seattle, WA

The best pool service in the Coachella Valley. The owner is extremely friendly and always takes care of you. They are have fast response time and very knowledgeable staff.

Dustin A. Temecula, CA

Dennis and team (Jenny, Kathy & Luis) have been our partners for pool care for over two years. The service provided for our vacation rental has been consistent and the team is professional and customer-focused.

Rod L. San Diego, CA

Pool Care Solutions Is Your Go To Pool Company For Tile Cleaning, Pool Cleaning And Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Pool Care Solutions has grown from a few residential and commercial customers to one of the largest pool cleaning service and repair providers in the Coachella Valley. This growth has come from our satisfied customers and their referrals. We take great pride in earning their business and respect each & every day!

Pool Care Solutions

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