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Pool Remodel Spa Addition

Pool Remodel Spa Addition Project Complete Pool Care Solutions

This is a pool remodel we did in North Palm Springs where we added a spa on the inside of a pool while replastering and installing new tile.  This is the least expensive way to add a spa because you are building it inside the pool and are able to use some of the pool wall as the new spa wall.

The tile and gunite have been removed from the pool and the steel cage and plumbing are in place.

Tile and Gunite Removed From Pool - Steel Cage and Plumbing in Place

Looking at the spa after gunite and the new tile have been installed.

spa after gunite and new tile installed Pool Care Solutions

A close up view of the spa after it has been plastered (white) and filled with water.

Spa Remodel White Plaster Pool Care Solutions

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