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Pool Remodel with White Plaster Palm Desert Ca

Pool Replastering Project Palm Desert CA Pool Care Solutions

The White Plaster Pool

This is a simple pool remodel. Performed in Palm Desert, CA. It consist of cleaning the tile and replastering the pool. Here’s what we did;

  1. Step one is to drain the pool. 

    We then come in with our plaster strip crew and jackhammer the remaining plaster to the existing gunite shell. In order to preserve the tile we performed a saw cut at the tile to plaster the joint.

    full size output gunite shell before replastering

  2. Step two was to bead blast the perimeter waterline tiles and spa raised bond beam stones.

    This method of tile cleaning consists of using a compressor machine and bead blast apparatus to shoot crushed fine glass onto the tile thus removing the majority of calcium build up.  Here in the Coachella Valley the water is very hard so it’s common practice to see calcium build up on the tile and pool finishes.  

    bead blasting perimeter waterline tiles Palm Desert Ca Pool Care Solutions

  3. Step three was to replaster the pool with white plaster. 

    This material consist of a white portland cement and sand mixture.  The plaster is applied to the gunite surface a troweled to a smooth finish.  The pool is immediately filled with water and ready for the start up procedure.

There’s a tremendous savings (apx. 75%) when you bead blast the tile versus removing and replacing the tile with new tiles.  If your tile is in good shape, is not too outdated and the coping material above the tile is structurally sound this is a less expensive way to go.

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