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Pool Equipment Check-Up

Your pool is a system which needs each piece of equipment running smoothly. Regular diagnostic check-ups on all equipment can save money down the line. For small repairs or full replacement on your equipment, Pool Care Solutions has you covered.

Pool Care Solutions

Make Sure Your Pool Equipment Is In Working Order

We bought a house with a pool that had been neglected for several years. Chris, the owner, came out and did a free inspection. He reviewed what needed to be done and we agreed to hire PCS to go down the list of repairs. The repairs were done well and in a timely fashion. In one case where a problem persisted, PCS stood behind their work and came back for free (actually several times for what turned out to be a difficult problem). We hired PCS to do our regular pool service as well as repairs and installing new equipment. PCS is not the least expensive service in the valley but they are honest and the work is first rate. It's a case of getting what you pay for.

Richard C. Rancho Mirage, CA


Jandy Pool Equipment Pump System
Jandy Pool Equipment

Just like a heart, the pump needs to continuously circulate the water from your pool, through the filter and back to the pool. If the pump fails, unsanitary water conditions will result. Occasionally, pool pumps will break and need a full replacement, but there could be other issues that may be preventing the pump from working properly.

They include:

  • Low water levels in your pool 
  • The pump O-ring may be damaged  
  • The pump lid may be cracked
If your pump isn’t working correctly, Call Us ASAP. The longer your pool sits without proper circulation, the more work will be needed to return
your water quality back to clean and safe.

FiltersPool Filter Repair Maintenance Pool Care Solutions Pentair Jandy

Pool filters and pumps are the clean-up crew for your pool. They need to match each other in size and capacity. Proper capacity means that all the water in your pool should be filter in an 8 hour period or less. Pool filters, also called sand filters, are composed of a tank the contains specific sand particles where dirty pool water enters, filters through the sand by gravity, and clean water is then sent back to the pool by the pump. If you notice sand on the bottom of your pool, you might have an issue with your filter.

Problems affecting your filter could be: 

  • The filter is torn and needs to be replaced 
  • The flow rate through the filter is too high 
  • The pump and filter do not match each other 
  • The pump may not be big enough to handle the water volume of your pool.
We can diagnose your filter troubles and get your cleaning system back on board.


Is your pool heater trying to tell you something?
Signs that you may need 
repair or replacement include:Pool Heater Repair Pool Care Solutions Pool Equipment Repair Pentair Jandy

  • water leaking from the heater 
  • dark exhaust emitting 
  • an odd whistling noise 
  • the pilot frequently needs to be relite 
  • never achieving desired temperature

There are several issues that could be affecting the function of your heater such as a clogged filter, a leak or clog in the fuel line, corrosion, etc. The heater is the most complex piece of pool equipment so a professional evaluation is the ticket.
A full replacement might be needed or it could be just a simple repair.

Don't Hesitate. Call Us to do the trouble-shooting for you.

These guys are great! I called Chris yesterday late Sunday December 23rd and left Chris a voicemail with my pool heater problem. He called me back within minutes. 
He sent one of his guys to fix my heater the next morning(today Dec 24th) and by 10am the sensor was replaced and it's working properly. Thank you so very much Chris!!     
H C. Rancho Mirage, Ca 

Pool Lights

Pool Lights Repair Pool Care Solutions Pool Equipment Repair

Got a few lights out? Don’t worry. If it is only a bulb burned out, there is no need to drain your pool. We can replace bulbs, clean or replace lens, and check for water tightness without draining your pool. Electrical shock is always a hazard when working with electricity near water, so let us do your light replacement.

If your worried your old pool electrical system is not up to code or needs repair, we can do an inspection and come up with a plan.

Chris and and his crew at Pool Care Solutions came highly recommended by several friends in my area.  Dealing with them was very simple, through email, or phone.
They showed up on time, checked out the problem and then provided my with a written estimate. Scheduling was easy, and my pool equipment was repaired within a few days, just as promised.  I now recommend Pool Care Solutions to all my friends & Neighbors
Thank you Chris for providing great service!

Erica J. Valley Center, Ca

Salt Systems

A Salt Chlorine Generator requires Pool Salt System Maintenance Repair Pool Care Solutions Pool Equipment Repairmaintenance and will eventually need repair. The salt cell and the controller board will develop problems over time.  
Symptoms include water tests that indicate low chlorine output, error codes flashing on the control box, or no lights at all. 
It could simply be a power or voltage issue.
Other things that could be interfering  with the function of your system could be improper water balance, salt levels, poor flow, and a clogged salt cell. Before concluding that your salt cell or control board needs to be replaced, which are expensive items,

Call Pool Care Solutions to take a look at other easier fixes we can do to help resolve the problem.

Most amazing pool service company!! So responsive. Whenever I arrive in Palm
Springs and have the slightest problem, someone (sometimes even the owner) is there within minutes to fix it.  So happy to have these guys taking care of my pool!    

Kevin M. La Palma, Ca


Pool Care Solutions Is Your Go To Pool Company For Pool Equipment Service And Repair

Our business has grown from a few residential and commercial customers to one of the largest pool equipment repair / install services in the Coachella Valley. This growth has come from our satisfied customers and their referrals. We take great pride in earning their business and respect each & every day!

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